Seller FAQ’s

Why should I sell on QuaderShopping?

QuaderShopping is leading e-commerce website in India with reaching maximum number of online users. We have more then thousands of satisfied and registered customers in India. We are strongest partner to take your products to customer in pan India. We are giving you access to sell and deliver your products in more than thousands of cities and towns in pan India.

Who can sell on QuaderShopping? / What are the documents required to register as a seller on QuaderShopping?

To sell your products with, you should meet our following criteria:

1: You can only sell new and genuine products through

2: You can be anyone of the following:

3: You should be an authorized to sell in India. Must have:

  1. PAN Card,
  2. VAT/TIN/CST Number,
  3. Bank account and supporting KYC documents (ID Proof, Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque)

Note: There are few exceptions to the rule for which you may concern / contact with us.

How do I sell on QuaderShopping?

To sell on QuaderShopping:

  • Register yourself at our seller account on
  • Upload all your products under specific product categories.
  • Once an order is received, pack the product and mark it as ‘Ready to Dispatch’. Our logistics partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer.
  • Once an order is successfully dispatched, QuaderShopping will settle your payment within 10 to 15 business days.

What are the charges of Sell on QuaderShopping?

Products listing on are absolutely free. QuaderShopping does not charge anything for listing your products catalogue online. You have to only pay a small commission for what you sell with us. The commission structure is shared and agreed with you at the time of registration.

What products can I sell on

You can sell products in the following categories:

  • All Garments (Men, Women, Kids) & Accessories.
  • All Computer, Gaming Console & Accessories..
  • All Electronic Appliances & Accessories..
  • All Home & Kitchen Appliances & Accessories.
  • All Health & Nutrition & Accessories..
  • All Travel & Luggage & Accessories..
  • All Sports & Outdoor Games & Accessories.

Further detailed categories can be seen on our home page. More categories are coming soon. Please Contact Us to know more.

Do I need to courier my products to QuaderShopping?

No, QuaderShopping will handle shipping of your products. All you need to do is pack the product and keep it ready for dispatch. Our logistics partner will pick up the product from Your Door Step and deliver it to the customer.

I do not have a TIN, can I still register as a seller?

If you have a PAN card, you can register as a seller, but you will be eligible to sell only books and unstitched material. Selling any other products will require a TIN number.

Who decides the price of the products?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products.

How and when will I get paid?

The payment will be made directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions within 10 to 15 business days of dispatching an order. The actual payment period will vary depending on how long you have been selling at QuaderShopping, your customer ratings and number of orders fulfilled.

When can I start selling?

After all the required documents have been verified and your seller profile is complete, you can start listing your products and start selling.

How many listings are required to start selling?

You can start with even one listing and gradually increase number of listings.


What are the fees charged?

Once an order is successfully delivered, the following deductions are made from the order item value:

  • Selling commission: A percentage of the item price paid by the customer
  • Shipping fee (calculated on the basis of the product weight and shipping location)
  • Service tax (applicable on all of the above components)

What is selling commission and how much commission is charged?

Selling commission is a certain percentage of the selling price of your product. It differs across categories and sub-categories.
Here’s an easy example, which illustrates a sample the above calculation:

Selling Price (decided by you) 2000
Selling Commission (varies across products) 240 (assuming 12%)
Shipping Fee 55 + Tax
Total Transaction Charge 285
Service Tax (14.5% of Transaction Charge) 41.32
Total deductions (From Shopping2home side) 326.32
Settlement Value (Amount credited to you) 1673.68


What is listing?

Listing a product refers to filling out all the necessary information and adding images of the product so that a customer can make an informed buying decision

How do I list my products on Shopping2home?

We give you a step-by-step process of how to list your products on our website. It is important to choose the most suitable category to list your product as it will help customers find your products faster. Based on the category you choose, you’ll be asked to include product details such as size, model, color, etc.

Can I sell outside India through

No. At this time, allows shipments only within India.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You are free to cancel anytime.

If I list my products on, will the customer know that he or she
is purchasing from me on

We will clearly indicate on our product detail pages and offer listing pages that the product is sold by you and the invoice will carry your name.